Target Audience: State League Club, Associations, State Team Assistants, School Honours Level Coaches.

A coach is accredited as a Volleyball Talent Development Coach when they successfully complete the prescribed theoretical (course) and practical components. The candidate must be minimum 16 years old to be eligible for this accreditation.

Complete the Talent Development Coaching Course (Level 2)

  • This course is delivered through a one-day (7 hrs) face-to-face course and completition of prescribed assessment activities. For coaches who are ready to take on more responsibility and at a higher level. This course includes a theoretical and practical coaching course. 
  • Pre-requisites, candidates for attending course MUST:
    • Be a current Level 1 Foundation Coach
    • Have completed the ASC Community Coaching General Principles free online course
    • Have Working With Children Check (WWCC):
      • ID number
      • WWCC photo/scan
    • Have completed the free online Play by the Rules Courses (sign up and create an account. After completing courses download your certificates or your certificates can be found at any time HERE).
      • Harassment and Discrimination Click Here (duration approx. 30 min),
      • Child Protection Click Here (duration approx. 30 min).
    • Have Profile Photo (Image size can be up to 800x800 pixels, 600KB file, format JPG or PNG).
    • Pay for attending the course fee stated within individual course.

After you attend the Talent Development Coach Course (Level 2)

  • You have 1 year to submit your complete application and secure your accreditation (after this period you will need to re do the course). 
  • You become a Candidate for L2 accredited coach,
  • You should receive Certificate of Attendance from State Volleyball NSW,
  • You need to complete practical component either:
    • To be assessed and competent in 2 training session and 2 games coaching by recognised mentor (an active accredited level 3 coach), OR
    • To do a total of 20 hours coaching practice post-course. Of these 20 hours, 6 hours must be supervised by a recognised mentor (an active accredited level 3 coach) who will provide feedback to the candidate on their performance. Click for present active accredited level 3 coaches, this number of coaches will raise in next month because of renewal period.
    • Download here Coaching Log Sheet & Level 2 Practical Assessment FormsNote: All coaching practice must be verified even if it's not supervised in special circumstances. Verification can be provided by a Regional, State or National coaching coordinator, an assessor or mentor, school principal for coaching of school teams or club official for coaching of club teams.
  • You need to fill in Coach's Code of Ethics Agreement Form,
  • You need to have a minimum SVNSW Officials/Coaches Membership (in case you do not have any kind of player's membership),
  • Pay an Accreditation Fee of $55.00 (actual since July, 2019)
    • If you are a teacher and you attended the course through the NSW Goverment Education System you need to make sure Processing Fee is payed by NSW Goverment Education.
  • Send your Certificate of Attendance, completed Practical ComponentCoach's Code of Ethics Agreement Form, SVNSW membership receipt and SVNSW Membership Number to Coaching Development Supervisor, mladen.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
  • Wait for answer and your Accreditation, it will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

Accreditation duration

4 years

Course Advertisements

Development Coaching Courses will be advertised in the News Section and on our Facebook page.


Renew Your Development Coaching Accreditation - Level 2

Prepare Your:

Assessment of your CV will be done by SVNSW. In case SVNSW needs more information or references, you'll receive notice.

Cost $88.00

Register via Fortix HERE.

Accreditation lasts for 4 years.

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