14th May 2014 Member Protection Declaration


As part of our on-going commitment to ensuring the safety and well being of children and young adults involved within our sport, SVNSW has adopted an interim Member Protection Declaration that aligns with the new NSW Working with Children legislation.


#1 Letter to Club Presidents and Secretaries


#2 SVNSW Member Protection Declaration


Working with Childrens Check


To assist our Clubs and Associations prior to the start of the Phase in Schedule the Office of the Childrens Guardian has developed an extensive list of FAQ (Frequently asked questions)


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As of 15th June 2013, the NSW Office of the Children's Guardian has released a new Working With Children Check. This new online Working With Children Check covers more people, is more comprehensive and provides better protection for children.


The sport sector phase-in for this new WWCC system will begin from 1st April 2015 to be completed by 31st March 2016.


SVNSW will be working closely with each Affiliate during 2014 on a phase-in program to ensure compliance with the new WWCC before 31st March 2016.


Key Points to consider in the meantime for SVNSW Affiliates:

  • A WWCC is required immediately for all those in a new paid role that is child-related as defined in the Act. Please note the difference between Paid and Volunteer roles (particularly that receiving reimbursment for expenses is not deemed a paid role under the Act). Please follow the link below to the NSW Office of the Children's Guardian's website and start the WWCC process as soon as possible.
  • All volunteers and current paid workers in child-related roles should obtain their check during the phase-in period in 2015.
  • Some people in the sport sector may still be exempt from a check even when the sport sector phase-in period begins in 2015.


For all information on volunteers and who needs the check, please visit the NSW Office of the Children's Guardian's website for the new Working With Children Check.

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